We are Reclaiming the Narrative.

The Reclaim Project is an empowering community space for gender minorities & women who have experienced power abuse within the arts in Ireland. Our goal with this particular campaign is to centre the personal narrative of people who’ve had direct experience of power abuse. We want to create a space for you to voice the burden you’ve been carrying, to share it with a community who understands. Lay it down elsewhere, if only for a moment.

We want to hear from you…

  1. We believe in the importance of celebrating ourselves and our community. On this long road of survival, what are you most proud of yourself for?

  1. What would you say to a friend who has been harmed by a colleague who abused their power?

  1. What would you say to someone who has abused their power towards you?

*We won’t be asking for your names and your anonymity will be absolutely protected. That is extremely important to us.

Please seek support if you need to:

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre National 24-Hour Helpline - 1800 77 8888

LGBT Ireland National Helpline - 1800 929 539

Minding Creative Minds National 24-Hour Helpline - ROI: 1800 814 244

NI/UK: 0800 0903677
                                                                                                    International: +353 1 518 0277

Text/WhatsApp “Hi” to 087 369 0010


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